It is believed that our Ahir gawali community has migrated from Mathura and its adjacent places. In the 16th Century A. D. As heard, the Ahirs (Our forefather's) stayed in and around Mathura and carried out the business of Milk and Milk products.

In those day's North India was ruled by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The Ahirs' use to stay with the army camp of the Emperor Ahir served as service people needed by Army for food and Milk products. The Mughal Army would take the Ahir's along with them wherever they go for Food and Milk, since milk was the easiet and best way of diet in those day's.

It is learnt that after killing Sambhaji Raje of Pune, Emperor Aurangzeb marched towards Deccan Kingdom of Maharashtra and laid his army at the banks of Ghod river near Ahmednagar. After some months due to ill health Emperor Aurangzeb expired and there was nobody to lead the army. Most of his army returned to Delhi and some were scattered in Maharashtra and neighboring state where they felt comfortable.

The Ahir Gawlis had with them herds of Cows and Buffaloes. So they could not return to their original place of Mathura and had to settle in and around Maharashtra. They scattered and started supplying milk to the Maratha Army, Bijapuri Army etc. After some years the British army took over Local rulers. The british army had camps in several adjacent areas of Nasik, Pune, Khadki, Lonavla, Solapur, Belgaum, Sikenderabd, Mysore, Dharwad, Nagpur, Khandwa etc, This camps required daily supply of Milk for the Army. So they Kept the Ahir Gawalis always along with them. Therefore it is found that we the Ahir gawalis had stayed in Camp Areas of Various Villages and City's. As time progressed about 20 Ahir Gawali families came to Bombay Camp at Colaba. The Ahir Gawali Stayed around Colaba and used to Supply Milk to Army Situated at Colaba, Dockyard Road etc. The extra milk left after supplying to the military base was sold to general public in the surrounding areas.

In the early 1930the Municipal Commissioner of Bombay started leasing Plots to various community people for development. So on 26th November 1938 one of our community ancestor Megha Shankar Balaram through his architect applied for the plot in Mumbai City. On 19th December 1938 he was allotted the plot in Parel, Mumbai . On 10th January 1939 he was asked to pay 7947.30 RS. as the least amount to the Municipal Corporation. These amount was collected from the community people staying in Bombay. On paying the least Amount Mr. Megha Shankar Balaramwas declared as confirming party.

1) Gangaram Shriram Chaudhary

2) Laxman Babulal Pataria

3) Soban Shankar Baniya

4) Puran Hari Moriae

5) Parshuram Hiralal Phulsunghe


On 9th April 1958, the Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai executed a lease deed in favour of the above 5 people (Panch) of our community.

After receiving the plot our community people wanted to build a Hall for the community but there were no funds. So they had to wait for some years. Meantime after independence in August 1947 and partition of India and Pakistan some of our Ahir Gawalis who had gone to Karachi along with the Army were forced to leave Pakistan and had no choice to stay in India, except Bombay where our community were already settled.When they came to Mumbai they built temporary Sheds and stayed in the above mentioned plot till the Indian Government gave them the place in Refugee / Rescue Camps in Ulhasnagar near Kalyan.

In and around 1962 to 1965 our community people collected some money and got associated with Dr. B. D. Desai, who has having dispensary in Parel Area and was looking for starting a Nursing home in the locality. Dr. Desai agreed to fund the construction of proposed Shree Krishnachaya Buliding on the condition of him getting 2 floors for his nursing home. On 31st March 1966 was the Golden Day in our community on these day the inauguration of the newly construted Shree Krishna Chhaya Building was done by Dr. B. D. Desai and his wife.

In the year 1969 an application was given to the charity commissioner of Bombay, Maharashtra State to register the Panch Members as trust members and form a trust for the community. The name of the trust was suggested as YADUVANSHI AHIR GUAL SAKAL PANCH.

The objective of the trust were.

1) To Foster Mutual Goodwill and unity advancement of the YADUVANSHI AHIR GUAL SAKAL PANCH Community.

2)To Grant Scholarship and provide Books Free or concessional rates to poor, deserving and needy students belonging to the community.

3)To help the students by paying or subsidizing their tution fees in schools or colleges and render such assistance as may be calculated for the advancement of the samaj.

The charity commissioner himself framed the above scheme and the public trust in the name of YADUVANSHI AHIR GUAL SAKAL PANCH was registered at Bombay having serial no. A-2789.

The following persons were appointed as Trustees.
1) Balchandra T. Ahir.
2) Parshuram Hiralal Phulsunge
3)Soban Shankar Baniya
4)Laxman Babulal Patharia
5)Puran Hari Moriya
6)Shivram Ganesh Ahirwar
7)Smt. Jamnabai B. Kasotia.

At that time the Financial Position of the trust became very weak and the trust could not pay the Property tax and repair cess to the Bombay Municipal Corporation in and about 1989-1990 the BMC had given attachment notice and were going to Auction our trust building due to non payment of poperty tax and Repair cess arrears amounting to Rs 3 lacs.

At this time some new, young, talented and hardworking members joined hands with the working trustees to save the property from auctioning. They generated some amount which was used to repair the compound and hall so that it could be used as hall for marriages purpose. Eventually the required amount by the BMC was collected and paid thus saving the property from auctioning. The current trustees at that time agreed to resign and application was made to the charity commissioner, Mumbai for the appointment of New Trustees. On 12th November 1993 the following new trustees were appointed by the charity commissioner.

1) Deepak Hariram Dhanuriye
2) Dilip Shivram Phulsunge
3) Nemchand Shivram Ahirwar
4) Narendra Babulal Ahir
5) CHandan Puran Phulsunge
6) Papa Puran Phulsunge
7) Rajesh P. Phulsunge

Due to sincere and hardworking of the above trustees new social work has been started by the trust in the field of Education, Medical,Social Upliftment and Unity of Ladies,Var-Vadhu sammelans, Samohik Vivah, Mutual arbitrations in Family disputes and marriage disputes etc.

In the last decade the above trustees joined hands with MAHARASHTRA GAWLI SAMAJ under the guidance of MP Mr. Hansraj Ahir and Our beloved Leader and State Minister Shree Sachinbhau Mohan Ahirand worked tirelessly to get our caste register in reserved category of NT(Nomadic Tribe) from OBC. Due to the induction of our caste in nomadic tribe we have benefited by large in the field of education, admission, freeship in fees, job selection and promotion.

Every year the SAGAR SAMMELAN is celebrated at time of Govardhan Pooja. On these day there is a cultural and sports program for children and get together of all community people. In the SAGAR SAMMELAN of 2011 about 50 graduates were facilitated by the Chief Guest Mr. Sachinbhau Mohan Ahir (Minister of State)and momentous Idol of "Shree RadhaKrishna" was presented. At the same time persons of more than 75 years (Diamond Jubilee) were greeted with honour as DIAMOND JUBILLE celebration of age by the chief Guest.